We’re GDPR Compliant

As we’re sure you know, in May 2018 the personal data protection rules are changing to help protect people from data and privacy breaches, and to ensure that SMEs are as well defended against cybercrime as larger corporations. Over the last few months we have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure Postgrad Solutions Ltd is fully compliant when the new rules and regulations come into force on the 25th May 2018. We undertook a full review well in advance and have ensured the new regulations for both our student and client databases and interactions are up to date. Feedback from the ‘GDPR hotline for small businesses’ was very positive and they stated that our student sign up, opt out policies and overall data protection was already very solid. We have never bought in data lists and all our students have always signed up via our two sites. Over April and May we have rolled out a series of updates to fine tune our policy to ensure we are compliant, in some cases going above and beyond the core requirements. We have updated our privacy policy making it even more robust than before, and we continue to flag up clearly on all communications that students can unsubscribe as and when they wish to. You can rest assured that we have done everything possible to adhere to the new GDPR rules and regulations, whilst ensuring the smooth running of Postgrad Solutions at the same time.

For further information please contact katherine@postgradsolutions.com or talk to your account manager.