Database Diversity

Our Postgrad student database keeps on growing with a diverse selection of students, all keen to embark on their postgraduate studies. As you will have read above we treat our database with great care and ensure that our students who sign up can unsubscribe at any time. A student database should be constantly evolving, both growing as well as shrinking once the student has found their perfect postgrad program. Our database grows as we get stronger in specific countries and our websites optimise better. As new students start their search they join us, and once our students find the course of their dreams we actively encourage then to unsubscribe. We aim to have a high quality active and all importantly current database.

As of May 2018 we have over 43,000 students on our student database, and they hail from over 235 different countries. Our service is proving especially popular in countries all over the world, including China, India, the United States and Nigeria – not forgetting the United Kingdom. And whilst we mostly appeal to the 18-34 age bracket, interestingly one quarter of our users are mature students, in the aged 34+. Therefore we have helped many clients target more mature students as well as those looking for online learning opportunities. If you would like to discuss using our database to help your recruitment please contact