Our Search Box Is Driving Quality Traffic To Client Profiles

Our search box is attracting huge quantities of subject searches, as well as revealing a massive selection of diverse subjects being of interest to our students. In a recent three-month period – 1st August to 31st October 2017 – our search box had 805,000 unique searches. That equates to nearly 9,000 students a day just looking at our search facility! This is amazing news for all our clients who have invested in profiles on our site, as all of these students can be driven to client institution or department profiles as a direct result of their search.

The top five key subjects being searched during this period were Education (20,000+ associated searches), Law (20,000+), Finance (15,000+), MBA (14,000+), and Public Health (11,000+). However, other key subjects also proved popular, and our range of users is all encompassing, with over 100,000 individual subject-related words being searched on Postgrad.com during this 1st August-31st October 2017 period. So, whatever subjects you want to promote on Postgrad.com our wonderfully diverse postgraduate student usership fits all choices, from the mainstream to the more niche PG programs.