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PGCE Media Pack was launched in 1995 in response to demands from institutions and students wanting to be brought together. Our aim is to provide the best portal for students looking for information on postgraduate-related courses taught in English anywhere around the globe.  We are particularly strong in assisting recruitment to PGCE programs in the UK. We have a proven track record with many Social Science faculties across the UK who have worked consistently with us for over 14 years to promote their PGCE courses to our high quality, relevant postgraduate students.

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Postgrad PGCE Pledge

Our focus

To target qualified, relevant students from the UK and around the globe who are interested in studying a PGCE at your institution. We are proud of the quality of the users on our site, and our mantra is, ‘quality beats quantity’ in the sophisticated decision making process of student recruitment.

Our job

To make sure your PGCE courses are brought to students’ attention at the earliest stage of their research. We introduce your PGCE courses as a serious contender early on, ensuring the student includes it when compiling their initial list of universities to contact for further information. 

Our promise

To always go the extra mile to deliver the best customer service in our field. We are a happy, positive team with over 100 years of student recruitment experience. We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients at every point of interaction. 

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Postgrad by Numbers for PGCE Recruitment

  • 23,328 users put in ‘PGCE’, ‘Teaching’ and ‘Education’ related phrases in our search box in just one month (Autumn 2017)

  • 1,200+ comprehensive PGCE course data listed

  • 43,215 students in our database. 6,543 have stated they are interested in PGCE and Education opportunities (Autumn 2017)

  • 10+ articles in our bespoke PGCE editorial and Postgrad Blog

  • 235 nationalities regularly view our site

  • 300,000+ sessions in total per month

  • 208,000 unique users in total per month

  • 350+ university clients

  • 35,000 Facebook followers



Excellent Optimisation For PGCE

We work extremely hard behind the scenes and regularly undertake extensive keyword research to ensure that we are ahead of the game with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). All this hard work is paying off and we regularly come top for PGCE-related searches*.


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PGCE Postgrad Users


Students from 235 different countries use to help them find the perfect postgrad program, including PGCEs. By teaming up with your university can cost effectively extend its global reach far and wide accessing high quality potential students on all media devices.

Users (Age)

Users (Age)

Users (Device)

Users (Device)

Users (Gender)

Users (Gender)


Top 20 Countries
Using Postgrad 


 1. United Kingdom  
 2. India
 3. United States
 4. China
 5. Nigeria
 6. Germany
 7. Brazil
 8. Indonesia
 9. Kenya
10. Chile

11. Malaysia
12. Mexico
13. Egypt
14. Colombia
15. Ghana
16. South Africa
17. Canada
18. Pakistan
19. Ireland
20 Australia


Postgrad Partnerships

Our clients also benefit from significant additional exposure from our unique partnership network. We choose to only work with prestigious partners to ensure our primary goal is met of having high quality students using our website. We are not about chasing low quality, high volume traffic as it wastes everyone’s time!

We focus on attracting students who are genuinely interested in PG study. Alongside our numerous marketing initiatives, these premium partnerships offer clients unique coverage to otherwise inaccessible students.

All of our partners are a perfect fit with our marketing strategy. To put it simply, the calibre of the students using is crucial to our success, and to that of our clients.

Chevening Scholarships

This partnership with Chevening, the UK government’s global masters scholarship program funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), was set up in 2015. Since July 2015, Chevening has hosted a widget of’s UK course search In 2016 alone 500,000 students used this comprehensive UK course search facility. These students are not just future scholars but encompass a range of students who are serious about studying in the UK. Chevening say: “This is a key development for our site and one our students love. It ensures the Chevening site is a one-stop shop for our students and it will encourage those students applying for a scholarship to consider a wide range of UK institutions before making their final decision. Postgrad Solutions have been fantastic to work with.”

Marshall Scholarships

This strategic partnership was set up in 2017 and provides us with a unique opportunity to access students from the USA. Marshall Scholarships are funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and are overseen by the Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission. These scholarships are renowned for being the most sought-after international scholarships available to American students. Their website is used by over 100,000 prospective American postgrad students per year. The team at Postgrad Solutions is delighted to be partnering with them this year.


PGCE Advertising Opportunities

As an internationally focused institution, online recruitment is integral to our marketing activity. The personalised service we have received from Postgrad Solutions has been exceptional and we look forward to continuing our online activity with them for the coming year.
— Amanda Adams, Marketing Manager, School of Social Sciences,
City University London

We have different advertising opportunities and can tailor-make a package to suit all different budgets and needs.

  • Skyscrapers & Leaderboards for PGCE searches

  • Editorial Sponsorship of PGCE articles

  • School Profiles

  • Featured Courses Priority Positions for PGCEs

  • PGCE/ Social Sciences Open Day & Events Promotion

  • Geo-targeted HTML Emails to our PGCE and Education database

Contact to discuss options and prices.
Click here for the copy specifications of any of the above.

Department Profiles

* Higher prominence in teaching and PGCE course listing results

* Live link to PGCE course info on your university website

* Encourage prospective students to find your PGCEs

Department/school profiles are a core feature of all our PGCE clients’ advertising campaigns, and by opting for a school or department profile, your institution will immediately be listed at the top of our comprehensive A-Z listing of universities, taking priority over the A-Z listing of all non-advertisers. Your institution will not only place higher in our search results, but it will also be just one click away from getting postgraduate students directly to your website with integrated live links. Please note, non-advertisers are placed below the advertisers and do not benefit from live url link.

Profile example:

PGCE Department Profile.jpg

Newsletters and E-shots

Gain direct access to our 6,500+ student database of prospective PGCE and Teaching postgraduate students. (NB Total database exceeds 43,000 students). This database is of the highest quality, demonstrated by our high open and click-through rates. Our policy is to automatically delete students after 24 months to ensure we really are dealing with students that can be influenced in their decision-making. We are not a company after numbers and volume on a database we only want to talk to high quality relevant students who are still looking for a PGCE course. With open rates at an average of 18% and click-through rates of 5%, our data quality speaks for itself.

We offer both bespoke e-shots and entries into our monthly member newsletter, The Postgrad Pundit. You can choose to directly target a subject or country niche, or alternatively join forces with other prestigious universities in one of our monthly newsletters. For further information please click here.

Your website just keeps getting better and better! I’m really pleased.
— Angela Hook, Marketing, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of East Anglia

PGCE Postgrad Pundit

This year we have a special edition of our monthly newsletter focussing purely on PGCE recruitment. This issue is going to be jam-packed with PGCE-related news, advice and course information, and will feature PGCE programs to high quality and relevant students. As a Postgrad client you will have the opportunity to advertise your PGCE courses in this newsletter, thereby targeting exactly the sort of students you are looking to recruit.

Top 7 Benefits Of Working With Postgrad Solutions for PGCE Recruitment

  • We value the quality of our users rather than just chasing quantity. Our focus is on relevant high quality users that will turn into actual applications. This means that our bounce rate is one of the lowest in the field, and the average number of pages visited on the site by each user is one of the highest.
  • Unlike our competitors we don’t just have one mini article on PGCEs. Instead we have a whole section dedicated to this field together with a growing bank of blogs on PGCE study. This editorial content is leading to more and more potential PGCE students regularly using our site.
  • We continue to have unbelievable success in keyword position in Google – as you can see from our PGCE Keyword Table – capturing a wide and varied audience for you from organic search.
  • You can gain unique access to relevant potential PGCE students that no other company can offer thanks to our prestigious partnerships with companies such as Chevening and Marshall Scholarships.
  • You have complete analytic control on how we are targeting your audience by using trackable links to enable you to see exactly how your campaign is working.
  • We deliver unrivalled customer service. Quite frankly nothing is too much trouble for us – and we are always at the end of the phone or an email if clients have any questions or problems.
  • We are experts in our field with a combined experience in the world of postgraduate education of over 100 years!

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