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Access Our World Class Student Database

  • Our priority is to ensure every student is of high quality and relevant to you. We believe this is unique approach in our sector. Our focus is always quality over quantity and you’re guaranteed to find our unique approach to postgraduate student recruitment beneficial to your university.
  • Only students using and can sign up to join our student services membership. This means they really do want to receive information on postgraduate programs as they have already visited a website on the subject!
  • We never buy external data lists to merge with our data. Our database is 100% unique and you can only target these students via us.
  • We systematically clean the data every month so any student who has been on our list longer than 24 months is automatically removed. We are not simply interested in volumes of students.
  • The database spans over 160 countries and is great to help you recruit from a wide range of nationalities.
  • Our open rates are exceptional averaging at over 15% per send, a strong indication of the quality of our data.

Why Do Students Sign Up?

We have on average 47 new students signing up per day, 365 days a year, from and They want to receive the latest postgraduate news updates and to stay at the cutting edge of PG recruitment news and Master of Laws information. is the best portal for students looking for information on postgraduate-related courses taught in English anywhere around the globe. Meanwhile is specifically for students from around the globe who need a resource to help them at the start of their journey to choose the right LLM program.

By advertising with us your university or law school is guaranteed to be selected by high quality, relevant postgraduate and LLM students.

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The Postgrad Pundit & LLMstudy Tribune

The Postgrad Pundit and LLMstudy Tribune are our monthly newsletters sent out directly to our postgraduate and LLM student databases. These market-leading newsletters – that have been designed as a result of student focus groups – contain essential objective postgraduate editorial together with relevant client advertising. These monthly newsletters for and keep all of our student members up to date with the latest funding, policy changes, new courses, application deadlines, etc. Clients have the opportunity to buy a slot in these newsletters for their own news story which will sit alongside our own core, cutting-edge content and advice. Each issue has a lead theme, which is listed in the schedule below, but there is also a section for more generic promotional stories, so we can work with your schedules too.

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The Postgrad Pundit is our monthly newsletter that is sent out to all 45,000 students on our database. Each issue has a different postgrad-related focus, from subject specific issues such as PG Business, to targeted geographical areas such as Scotland, Europe and London. Each issue of The Postgrad Pundit is well suited to UK, EU and international student recruitment. To see examples of previous issues of The Postgrad Pundit please Contact Us

Your advice on January start dates in The Pundit was superb. I am now studying in UK next year an Mphil. Merci. Thank you!!!
— Christophe Lemuer, France, Student

Content Schedule September 2017-September 2018

Postgrad Pundit September  2017   Study In Scotland

Postgrad Pundit October 2017         Rankings

Postgrad Pundit November 2017     January Start Dates

Postgrad Pundit January 2018         Funding Issue

Postgrad Pundit February 2018       Study in Wales

Postgrad Pundit March 2018            Study Business

Postgrad Pundit May 2018               Subject TBC

Postgrad Pundit June 2018              Late Applications

Postgrad Pundit July 2018               Study in the UK

Postgrad Pundit September 2018   Study in London

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The LLMstudy Tribune is specifically targeted at our database of potential LLM students, of which we have over 8,000. All content in this is LLM-related to ensure it hits the spot with our target audience. As far as we know it is unique in its quality and style and has been a big hit with our students. To see examples of previous issues of the LLMstudy Tribune please Contact Us

I loved the Ask the Expert section on the new LLMstudy Tribune on how to sort my personal statement. It just felt useful and not too corporate. Keep the advice coming please!!
— Jean Summers, Philadelphia USA, Student

Content Schedule September 2017-September 2018

LLMstudy Tribune September 2017          Human Rights Law

LLMstudy Tribune November 2017           US Special

LLMstudy Tribune January 2018               Funding Issue

LLMstudy Tribune February 2018             Energy Law

LLMstudy Tribune March 2018                 US Special

LLMstudy Tribune April 2018                    International Law

LLMstudy Tribune June 2018                    Late Applications

LLMstudy Tribune July 2018                     Human Rights Law

LLMstudy Tribune September 2018         US Special


Bespoke Client E-shots To Our Students

We also offer the opportunity for our clients to email an individual news story or announcement to our database of students. These e-shots will only contain one story, as provided by you. These can be sent out at any requested time (schedule allowing) and the exact audience can be tailored specifically to your needs. Please note unless agreed with Postgrad Solutions in writing with a new specific date, HTML e-shots have to be used within one month of the date indicated on the order form. There is no flexibility in this due to the tight scheduling nature required for sending e-shots to our database. 

Please Contact Us for past examples. 

I could not have asked for better support, they have offered an A+ customer service. Hopefully this is a contract which will continue for many years to come. Many thanks
— Sara Prestleton, PG Admissions & Recruitment Officer, School of Law, University of Warwick

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Our Expertise & Advertising Opportunities

Our university account managers have over 100 years experience between them in this sector and they are regularly working with over 300 universities globally.

Please Contact Us to set up a meeting or a conference call or to check availability in our e-shot or newsletter schedules.

Advertising campaigns that we have launched for clients include:

  • New PG course launch promotions
  • Raising brand awareness of PhD portfolios
  • Open day schedule promotion
  • Application deadline countdown
  • Postgrad funding opportunities
  • Generic brand awareness

Advertising packages range from £750 upwards depending on your needs, please contact for more information. 

We also offer coverage on our websites and  including faculty, department or institution profiles linked to our comprehensive database, targeted banner and buttons on specific editorial pages, home page promotion including our coveted slot of ‘University of The Month’. Ask about bespoke campaigns we can design to promote open days, new postgraduate programs, etc. Click on links for more information on advertising directly on and

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