We target qualified, relevant LLM students from around the globe who are interested in studying at your law school in Australia. We are proud of the quality of the users on our site and our aim is to make sure your law school is brought to students’ attention at the earliest stage of their LLM research. We introduce your Master of Laws or law school as a serious contender early on, ensuring the LLM student includes it when compiling their initial list of law schools to contact for further information.

LLMstudy by Numbers for
australian law school Recruitment

When it comes to law school student recruitment in Australia our numbers speak for themselves:

30,000 visits per month

15+ articles in our bespoke LLM in Australia editorial and LLMstudy Blog

146 nationalities regularly view our site

10,000 LLM students on our database

150+ law school clients

4,500 Facebook followers

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Australian law school profiles

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  • Higher prominent law school listing

  • Live link to law school website

  • Encourage prospective students to find your website

Law school profiles are a core feature of all our clients’ advertising campaigns, and by opting for a law school profile, your law school will immediately be listed at the top of our comprehensive A-Z listing of law schools, taking priority over the A-Z listing of all non-advertisers. Your law school will not only place higher in our search results, but it will also be just one click away from getting LLM students directly onto your website with a live link to take the students straight to you.

Non-advertisers are placed below the advertisers and do not benefit from the direct link through to their website.

Australian Law School PROFILE EXAMPLE

Bond University

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Australian LLM Editorial Content

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We have a bespoke, comprehensive editorial section tailor made for LLM students interested in studying an LLM program in Australia covering essential topics, including:

  • How To Choose Your Australian Law School

  • Funding Your LLM In Australia

  • Australian LLM Tuition Fees & Study Costs

  • Australian Scholarships For LLM Programs

  • LLM Students In Australia

  • Visas & Immigration In Australia

We are expanding this editorial section on a regular basis and it is guaranteed to engage LLM students in the benefits of studying a Master of Laws program in Australia.

Newsletters & E-shots

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Gain direct access to our 10,000+ student database of prospective LLM students with our e-shots and newsletters. Our database is of the highest quality, demonstrated by our high open and click-through rates, as we only want to talk to high quality relevant students who are still looking for a Master of Laws course. We offer both bespoke e-shots and entries into our regular member newsletter, the LLMstudy Tribune. You can choose to directly target a subject or country niche, or alternatively join forces with other prestigious universities in one of our monthly newsletters.

We regularly schedule a Study Law in Australia issue of the LLMstudy Tribune. If you want to be included, please contact rob@postgradsolutions.com for more information.

Top 6 Benefits For Australian Law
Schools working with us

1. Our focus is on relevant high quality users that will turn into actual applications to your Australian law school.

2. You have complete analytic control on how we are targeting your audience by using trackable links to enable you to see exactly how your campaign is working.

3. We deliver unrivalled customer service. Quite frankly nothing is too much trouble for us – and we are always at the end of the phone or an email if clients have any questions or problems.

4. We have 15+ pages of unique editorial content specifically targeted to the Australian market. This is much more relevant content than any of our competitors provide and is guaranteed to help deliver essential traffic to your Australian law school profile.

5. We are experts in our field with a combined experience in the world of postgraduate education of over 100 years!

6. We are a market leader in recruiting LLM students from all over the world to their ideal law school in Australia. By working with us your law school is guaranteed to recruit the best students.

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