We also offer the opportunity for our clients to email an individual news story or announcement to our database of 75,000+ postgraduate and LLM students.

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successfully Target your audience

Our clients can email an individual news story or announcement to our database of 75,000+ postgraduate and LLM students using one of our geo-targeted HTML emails.

These bespoke e-shots only contain one story, as provided by our client, and this is why they are such an effective marketing tool.

  • Only students using www.postgrad.com and www.llmstudy.com can sign up to join our student services membership and join our databases. This means they really are interested in receiving information about your postgraduate or Master of Laws programs as they have already visited a website on the subject!

  • We never buy external data lists to merge with our data. Our database is 100% unique and you can only target these students via us.

  • We systematically clean the data every month so any student who has been on our list longer than 24 months is automatically removed. We like quality not quantity.

  • Our database spans over 160 countries and is great to help you recruit from a wide range of nationalities.

  • Our open rates are exceptional, averaging at over 15% per send, a strong indication of the quality of our data.

Our E-shots and you

Our bespoke geo-targeted HTML emails can be sent out at any requested time (schedule allowing) and the exact audience can be tailored specifically to your needs. Please note unless agreed with Postgrad Solutions in writing with a new specific date, HTML e-shots have to be used within one month of the date indicated on the order form. Unfortunately there is no flexibility in this due to the tight scheduling nature required for sending e-shots to our postgraduate and LLM student databases. 

Please contact us for past examples and to find out what we can do for you.

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I could not have asked for better support, Postgrad Solutions has offered an
A+ customer service. Hopefully this is a contract which will continue for many
years to come. Many thanks.

Sara Prestleton
School of Law, University of Warwick