PGS Bursaries: Awarding the old and launching the new

Postgrad Solutions is proud to lead the way in offering financial support to postgraduate students with our £500 Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries. We were the first postgrad website to start awarding student bursaries in 2010, and have since helped over 50 students realise their postgraduate dreams at universities all over Europe and the United States. We have been read 1,000s of impressive applications, hailing from a wide variety of countries, including Nigeria, Hungary and of course Britain, and all of our awardees were delighted to receive the extra financial help towards their postgraduate tuition fees, as well as the prestige of being a Postgrad Solutions Bursary Winner! We have now launched our Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries 2016 and have another 15 bursaries worth £500 each to award to deserving postgraduate and LLM students from anywhere in the world, and this time it could be one of your students that wins! Link to our Postgrad Bursaries from your university website to give your postgrad students this great opportunity – it may be just the encouragement they need to successfully complete their course!