Telegraph partnership to boost mature student market

Over the last few months we have been exploring ways to expand our profile of users and in particular we have been looking into how to attract more users aged 25+ who are looking into returning to postgraduate education after some time spent in the workplace. We have been doing this in a variety of ways, one of which is by developing partnerships with other high profile companies.

We now have an ongoing partnership with The Telegraph – a brand perfectly placed to target the aged 25+ student market. As part of this partnership The Telegraph is hosting 10 pages of exclusive advice on their courses site which means our brand has consistent high-quality coverage. But that’s not all; we also have daily coverage on The Telegraph site itself – which means our brand is regularly being exposed to a massive, new, relevant audience. Moving forward, we are now launching a series of email shots, specifically targeting age appropriate Telegraph users who have expressed an interest in returning to education.  Other partnerships are being developed and will be announced shortly.

So, if you are looking to attract more mature students has got to be your No. 1 choice!