Developing the MEGA HUB!

Not only are we looking better – we are providing a better service too! Since April 2014 has become a mega hub for every course taught in the English language throughout the UK and mainland Europe. As a result of this content expansion we are delighted to announce that we now provide the most comprehensive online postgraduate course database of European postgraduate courses taught anywhere on line.

As well as covering European courses, we are also creating subject-specific zones within the site that will feature detailed editorial on specific fields. The first to be launched in September 2014 is our new ‘business zone’, and it will contain a plethora of business-course-related information with around 50 pages of business-specific advice – as compared to other generic postgraduate student sites that on average have only 2-3 pages of business content! We will be following up our business zone launch with another subject-specific hub which will come to fruition in January 2015! All this high quality content will continue to attract new users and help drive even higher ROIs for our clients.